16th Annual Updates on Dementia: Translating Research Into Practice

May 6, 2014

Rich in information from the field's cutting edge experts, this year's Updates was a huge success. Video recordings of the entire day's presentations are posted below.

Elizabeth Edgerly, PhD

"Introduction and Welcome"

Gil Rabinovici, MD
"Plaques, Tangles & Prevention: AD Research Highlights in 2014"
Gil Rabiniovici's PowerPoint

Chris Nowinski's PowerPoint
"Concussions & CTE: New Findings, New Concerns"

Michael W. Weiner, MD
"Traumatic Brain Injury and Alzheimer's Disease"

Updates on Dementia 2014:
Questions & Answers

R.Ron Finley, B.S. Pharm.
"The Pharmacological Management of Issues Associated with Dementia"

Lisa Buda, DDS
"Oral Health in Dementia"

Caregiving & Culture:
Perspectives from Three Asian-American Communities

Dr. Dolores Gallagher-Thompson and Dr. Melen McBride of SGEC

Melen McBride, Dolores Gallagher-Thompson, Sang Lee, Mehta Kala, Sadhna Diwan