Health Literacy

SGEC is committed to improving health literacy, particularly in ethnic communities, by providing consultation and training to health and social services faculty on various health literacy issues.

Health Literacy and Ethnogeriatrics Curriculum

A 4-day intensive training in Health Literacy and Ethnogeriatrics at the Stanford University School of Medicine is part of its 160-hour faculty development program. The SGEC interdisciplinary faculty health care team developed an 8-module core curriculum incorporating selected readings, didactic sessions, interactive workshops, resource sessions, and other activities. Health literacy topics include:

  • Exploring Health Literacy, Ethnogeriatrics and Health Disparities
  • Aging and Culture
  • Health Literacy in Patient-Centered Health Care
  • Creating Health Messages for Low Literacy Elders
  • Patient and Relationship-Centered Communication Strategies
  • Working Effectively with Interpreters and Translators
  • Improving Ethnogeriatric Health Care
  • Teaching Strategy Toolbox

Health Literacy Webinar

A webinar on "Health Literacy and Health Disparities" was presented in the 2011 SGEC Webinar Series "Health Care of Diverse Elders and their Families in Primary Care" by Nancy Hikoyeda, DrPH, and Seema Limaye, MD. (webinar handouts PDF)

See more important resources on Health Literacy identified by SGEC affiliates in the Additional Ethnogeriatric Resources section. For questions or further information about the SGEC and health literacy, please contact Nancy Hikoyeda at

Additional Ethnogeriatric Resources

Important ethnogeriatric resources related to aging and/or ethnicity identified by SGEC staff and affiliates which are produced by other groups.