SGEC Nephrology Conferences

A Skill-Based Initiative

Manjula Tamura, MD, MPH:
Promoting Palliative Care for Patients with ESRD: Why, When, and How

Sara Combs, M.D.:
Introduction to Palliative Medicine for Nephrology Providers: An Insider’s View

Heather A. Harris, M.D.:
Cultural Considerations in Decision-Making and Goals of Care Discussions

Vanessa Grubbs, MD, MPH:
Appropriate Withholding or Withdrawal of Dialysis

Anne Kinderman, MD:
Working Effectively with Interpreters

Debra Charondo, BA, RN, CNN
& Jenna Hutchison, MSW, LCSW:
Effective Interdisciplinary Teamwork

Stephanie Harman, MD:
Talking about what matters most:Advanced communication skills