Stanford Geriatric
Education Center

SGEC Staff and Partners

SGEC Core Faculty & Staff:

Dolores Gallagher-Thompson, PhD, ABPP

School of Medicine Profile
E-mail: dolorest at

Nancy Morioka-Douglas, MD, MPH

School of Medicine Profile
E-mail: nmd at

Marita Grudzen, RT, MHS,
Deputy Director

E-mail: mgrudzen at

Nancy Hikoyeda, DrPH, MPH
Associate Director

E-mail: hikoyeda at

Kala Mehta, D.Sc., MPH
Program Evaluation Consultant

E-mail: kmehta23 at

Gwen Yeo, PhD, AGSF
Director Emerita

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E-mail: gwenyeo at

Melen R. McBride, Ph.D., R.N., FGSA
Associate Director Emerita

E-mail: mcbride at

Ann Blick Hamer, LCSW
Dementia Education Specialist

E-mail: abhamer at

Marian Tzuang, MSW
Program Coordinator
E-mail: mtzuang at

Jack Downey
Media Coordinator

E-mail: jdowney at

SGEC Consultants and Ethnogeriatric Specialists

Silvia Austerlic
E-mail: sausterlic at

Linda Gerdner, PhD, RN, FAAN
E-mail: lgerdner at

Rita Hargrave, MD
E-mail: ecarenet at

Ron Nakasone, PhD
E-mail: rynakasone at

Ethnogeriatric Specialists:

In addition to the ethnogeriatric specialists listed above, the SGEC works with partners throughout the U.S. and in other countries who share our focus in ethnogeriatrics. If viewers have specific needs in the field, they are welcome to contact SGEC at stanfordgec at to request referrals or assistance.

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