Order SGEC Publications in Ethnogeriatrics

Beginning in 1988 SGEC developed a SGEC Working Paper Series designed to be resources for ethnogeriatric education. Some of the Working Papers and a few other ethnogeriatric resources are still available by hard copy for a small fee to cover reproduction and mailing by downloading the Publication Order Form (PDF) and mailing it with a check to SGEC. Below are brief descriptions of the major resources that are still relevant that can be ordered.

DVD Resources

Chinese Caregiver DVD & Workbook in Mandarin with English Subtitles: This 2.5 hour training DVD and workbook demonstrate scenes that depict Chinese caregivers' stressful situations with explanations of effective responses. Other tracks include information on communication with family and health care providers, community resources, legal, and end-of-life.

Comprehensive Reviews of the Literature on Aging and Health for Each of the Ethnic Minority Populations

The following reviews were completed in the early 1990s and updated for 2nd editions in the late 1990s. They include backgrounds on the history and culture of the populations including the role of elders, epidemiology of health risks, management issues for chronic diseases including use of alternative/traditional healing practices, and end of life care. For the Asian and Pacific Islander American Elders and the Hispanic American Elders reviews, the ethnic subpopulations are reviewed individually. Reviews are 60-100 pages each. Scanned PDF versions are also available for download at http://www.sjsu.edu/casa/ethnogeriatrics.

Aging and Health: Asian and Pacific Islander American Elders, 2nd Ed. (1996) SGEC Working Paper #3. Authors: Melen McBride, RN, PhD, Nancy Morioka Douglas, MD, MPH, and Gwen Yeo, PhD.

Aging and Health: African American Elders, 2nd Ed (1996) SGEC Working Paper #4. Author: Julee Richardson, PhD.

Aging and Health: Hispanic American Elders, 2nd Ed (1993) SGEC Working Paper #5. Authors: Marie Luz Villa, MD, José Cuellar, PhD, Nona Gamel, MSW, and Gwen Yeo, PhD

Aging and Health: American Indian/Alaska Native Elders, 2nd Ed (1994) SGEC Working Paper #6. Authors: Melvina McCabe, MD, and José Cuellar, PhD.


Cohort Analysis as a Tool in Ethnogeriatrics: Historical Profiles of Elders from Eight Ethnic Populations in the United States (1998) SGEC Working Paper #12 Authors: Gwen Yeo, PhD, Nancy Hikoyeda, MPH, Melen McBride, RN, PhD, Soo-Young Chin, PhD, Mary Edmonds, PhD, PT, and Levanne Hendrix, MSN, GNP, PhD.

This monograph traces the brief histories of the following populations in the U.S. with an emphasis on how the historical events might have affected the lives of current elders: African American, American Indian, Chinese American, Filipino American, Korean American, Mexican American, and Vietnamese American. A scanned PDF version is also available for download at http://www.sjsu.edu/casa/ethnogeriatrics/

Revisiting Sacred Ways: Spiritual Support and Native American Theologies for the Health Care Provider. (2003). SGEC Working Paper #16. Author: Levanne Hendrix, MSN, GNP, PhD.

This monograph reviews the history of the suppression of American Indians’ expression of their spirituality and the complexity of their spiritual beliefs health care providers may encounter.

Ethnogeriatric Curricula for Specific Health Care Disciplines (1996)

SGEC Core Faculty developed recommended curriculum content for their own disciplines. See order form for individual disciplines.

Other Ethnogeriatric Resources by SGEC Scholars and Affiliates

SGEC scholars also have a number of peer-reviewed publications in professional journals on a variety of topics related to aging, ethnicity and health care.