A National Resource Center in Ethnogeriatrics

Stanford Geriatric Education Center (SGEC) is a nationally recognized leader in the field of ethnogeriatrics, or health care for elders from diverse populations. Since SGEC was funded by the Bureau of the Health Professions (BHPr) in the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) in 1987, hundreds of resources have been developed, and over 1600 trainings have been conducted with over 32,000 faculty and health care providers from a variety of disciplines, including medicine, nursing, social work, psychology, occupational therapy, pastoral counseling, and related fields.

We are currently building a world-class series of 10 online courses covering primary care for culturally diverse populations.

Ethnicity and the Dementias

Edited by Gwen Yeo, Linda A. Gerdner and Dolores Gallagher-Thompson

This 3rd edition of Ethnicity and the Dementias includes the latest background, assessment, and ethnic-specific guidelines for working with culturally diverse elders with dementia and their family caregivers in the United States. Featuring contributions from leading clinicians and researchers, this text examines specific issues in dementia care in eleven ethnic/racial groups and the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender population in the context of working with family. Recommended assessment of various types of dementia is followed by specific recommendations for assessing and caring for individuals for each cultural group. As an update to the first two editions, this third edition continues to be the only comprehensive resource on ethnicity and dementia. The book is ideal for practitioners, researchers, and policy makers in search of the most current ethnogeriatric findings and is widely used in gerontology course.

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Moving to a Different Beat with TaiChi & QiGong:
Nusha Askari, PhD

Stanford GEC faculty and affiliates are developing a comprehensive 10-course series on Dementia and Diversity in Primary Care. Two are already available for immediate free registration. Each course is CME accredited by Stanford University School of Medicine.

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Additional courses in the series, including those focusing on specific groups, such as African Americans and LGBT, will be coming on line in 2016.

In Persons with ADRD

SGEC has worked with Linda Gerdner, PhD, to create an instructional video of her decades-long research into music as a non-pharmacological treatment of agitation in dementia care.
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Individualized Music in Persons with ADRD [Flier in PDF]
Individualized Music Quick Reference Guide [PDF]
Evidence-Based Guidelines [PDF]
Ethnicity Is an Inherent Criterion for Assessment of Individualized Music for Persons With Alzheimer’s Disease [PDF]

Linda A. Gerdner PhD, RN, FAAN
Stanford Geriatric Education Center

Ghia Xiong, Psy.D
Vang Leng Mouanoutoua, Ph.D

Fresno Center for New Americans-Living Well Program
Fresno, CA

Hmong Americans have become a growing segment of the United States of America. Let’s learn more about the thousands of Hmong people who have settled here.
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New Book:
Demystifying Hmong Shamanism: Practice and Use
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Collaborative Opportunities

SGEC welcomes the opportunity to work collaboratively with community agencies that provide health or mental health care to ethnically diverse older adults to develop training programs in ethnogeriatrics for health care providers. Training can be provided on site or delivered through technologies of various kinds. To discuss these opportunities please contact stanfordgec@stanford.edu.

SGEC also welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with community and four-year colleges and universities to develop tailored, technology-based faculty development programs incorporating ethnogeriatric information. Institutions serving diverse student bodies with limited access to Geriatric Education Centers (GECs) in their region are particularly invited to contact SGEC at stanfordgec@stanford.edu.

SGEC works with community and academic partners to develop and implement research on topics in ethnogeriatrics, for example, improving diabetes self-care in minority elders. The opportunity to discuss ideas for collaborative research and program evaluation, and options to secure funding to support these efforts is welcome. Please contact Dr. Gallagher-Thompson dolorest@stanford.edu.

Watch the 21st Annual Updates on Dementia Conference

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GSA 2015

Aging is a Lifelong Process.

Hmong Story Cloths: Stitching a History

October 7, 2016 - January 15, 2017

The San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles is pleased to present the exhibition Hmong Story Cloths: Stitching a History.
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18th Annual Updates on Dementia

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2016 International Conference on Shamanism 

September 3-4, 2016

SGEC's Dr Linda Gerdner will be a keynote speaker at the 2016 International Conference on Shamanism on Labor Day weekend, Sept. 3-4. Her topic will be “Demystifying Hmong Shamanism: Practice and use by Hmong Americans Across the Lifespan”

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2016 Stanford GEC 160-Hour Faculty Development Program in Ethnogeriatrics

Melen McBride, RN PhD; Nancy Hikoyeda, DrPH; Marita Grudzen, MHS; Kala Mehta, DSc, MPH; Marian Tzuang, MSW; Gwen Yeo, PhD

2015 LGBT & Caregiving for Persons with Alzheimer's

Geriatric Emergency Preparedness

2015 SGEC Webinars