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Developing resources for teaching and practicing excellent ethnogeriatric care has been a priority of SGEC since its founding in 1987. The pages and links that follow describe some of the major ethnogeriatric resources that are available from SGEC.

SGEC Online Training

Curriculum in Ethnogeriatrics

Based on an original Curriculum in Ethnogeriatrics developed in 2001 by representatives from over 30 Geriatric Education Centers, coordinated by SGEC with funding from the Bureau of Health Professions, the Curriculum was updated, expanded, and renamed in 2010.The five Core Modules are now titled “CultureMed” and fourteen coordinated Ethnic Specific Modules are listed as “Ethnomed.” The current modules are available at

The original versions of the modules are available here.


Improving Communication With Elders of Different Cultures

This training provides information on how to recognize barriers to communication with elders who are culturally or ethnically different than your own, and some culturally sensitive approaches to elicit information and promote shared decision-making and mutual respect.


Diversity, Healing, and Healthcare

This module contains information about communication and healthcare beliefs related to 15 cultures, 11 religions, and 8 American immigrant cohorts.


SGEC Webinars

Since 2009, SGEC has been sponsoring an annual webinar series in collaboration with other partners. Many of the recordings have been archived and are available for access at no charge.

Additional Ethnogeriatric Resources

Important ethnogeriatric resources related to aging and/or ethnicity identified by SGEC staff and affiliates which are produced by other groups.

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